First, a brief introduction and a little bit about who we are. We’re HeavySwing, a diamond sports manufacturing company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. We’ve developed a patented lineup of handle-weighted training bats that give baseball and softball players of all ages a safe, mechanically sound way to improve bat speed and exit velocity, build core strength, and increase power.

As the pioneer of handle-weighted swing training, our bats are used by top hitters of every age and level of play, from youth to professional players on more than 20 big-league clubs. And judging from the great testimonials we’re fortunate to receive, HeavySwing bats are making a real difference in helping hitters create their perfect swing, with impressive results and on-field stats to prove it.

We created The Batter’s Box for a couple reasons:

  • To share new drills, exercises and training techniques from our staff (and special guest bloggers including top pro and college hitting coaches) to help hitters make the most of their HeavySwing bats
  • To bring readers the very latest in swing theory and hitting science
  • To share news and updates about our company (upcoming events, new partnerships, product releases, and more)

We hope our blog will be a valuable resource for hitters, coaches and parents. We’ll be updating it frequently, so be sure to check back often. We also hope that you’ll join in the conversation with us and the other members of HeavySwing Nation. Thoughts, feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Stay tuned!

Team HeavySwing

Written by Ted Moss